What have I been blocked for?

We have on-site limits in place to encourage the growth of genuine, close-knit communities around creators’ tracks. These limits look for accounts which appear to be using a feature in a way other than it was intended, and can block access to that feature.

You can be blocked from accessing specific feature(s) on-site if you are doing any of the following:


If you keep getting warnings about your activity, you may be blocked. This is what a warning would look like on your computer, and mobile device:

Although doing this might be a good way to get your tracks out there, it can be frustrating for other members of the community. You will get much more value out of SoundCloud by finding like-minded people in the community. To do this, slow down, be selective, and keep things personal.

If you want some tips on how to best promote yourself and get heard, take a look at our Creator Guide

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