How do I record and upload a sound directly from my computer?

The recording functionality on SoundCloud allows you to easily record any type of audio and directly upload it to your account. This feature is great for voice memos, messages to your fans or for capturing sound bites. 

Recording on SoundCloud requires the most recent version of Flash, so don't forget to update your Flash player here

To start your recording, click the "Upload" button in the top, right hand corner of your Stream or Public Profile or click here

Press the "Start new recording' button to begin recording sounds directly from your computer. 

Click on the "REC" button and "Allow" SoundCloud to access your camera and microphone. 

You will see the sound recording and the option to stop the recording, like this: 

Once you've finished recording, you can click the play button to preview your recording. If you're not happy with this version, simply click "Start Over, to give it another try.

When you're happy with your recording, click "Upload your recording". While your sound is posting, you can enter its details, decide whether you want it to be public or private, and set permissions for downloads, embedded players, and apps. Once the sound is fully posted and transcoded, remember to hit "Save" at the bottom of the page. 

Please note that sounds recorded on SoundCloud will be saved as a 44.1KHz mono WAV file.