How do I share my track to a group?

To share one of your tracks to groups, you will first have to join groups you think would be the most responsive to your sounds. You can read more about how to do that here

Once you have joined groups, you can share your tracks by clicking the "Add to group" button underneath your individual track's waveform like this: 

From there you will see an overlay appear with all of your groups that you have joined. You can share to groups by clicking the "Add to group" button on the right hand side. The button will then say 'Added' to confirm that the track has been submitted to the group:

Please note: All private tracks that are shared to groups will automatically become public. If you want to have your private sounds remain private, don't share them!

Sharing to a Moderated Group

If you submit your track to a moderated group, you will need to wait for the group moderator to approve your sound. The 'Added' button will revert back to 'Add to group' until they choose to approve your track. 

Once your track is approved, you will receive an email notification to let you know. If you don't receive a notification, this means that the group moderator has not approved your sound. You will need to reach out to the group moderator directly to inquire about your sound's approval status. 

Want to learn how to remove your track from a group? Read how here

Group Sharing Limits

There is a maximum of 75 groups you can share a track to. Please note that there is a rate limit to how many sounds you can share to groups in a day. In order to regulate spammy behavior in groups, we have put a policy in place to help reduce the amount of tracks being regularly pushed to the top of a group's Stream. 

Our aim is to help make groups more usable, as your tracks are less likely to get lost in the group Stream. This means if you are doing either of the following you will be presented with a warning, or land in a block which temporarily prevents you from adding to groups:

- Sharing your sounds to a large number of groups within 24 hours
- Using any automated scripts, or tools, to contribute to groups