How to Grow Your SoundCloud Community

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men (and women). ~ Herman Melville

The heart of SoundCloud is its deeply engaged community of creators who share the sounds they create with each another and the world. SoundCloud is not only about sharing sounds but also about sharing common interests, attitudes, goals and connecting with people who share your passion.

We believe that a community is comprised of more than just one person. In order for you to build a strong sense of community, having meaningful, relevant, and genuine connections with others is crucial.

How to Grow Your SoundCloud Community

Thanks to community member Oliver Sadie, here’s a handy list of 10 tips about how you can build your own community on SoundCloud.

1. Listen closely to many sounds from many ‘Clouders. 
This is the first and most important step in growing your own community: understand what’s already out there and who’s doing what. Use search tools and groups to find sounds you like.

2. If you like it, fave it, drop a note and follow. Adding a track you like as a favorite goes a long way with people, who may just return the favor. Dropping a timed comment often starts a conversation, and following the person keeps you in the loop for future uploads.

3. Make honest, relevant, useful, encouraging comments, often. It’s ok to say “nice” but even better to say “nice drums, but sounds like some bass details are getting lost. Check EQ?”. It’s not great to say “nice,listen to mine” if you didn’t actually listen to it – many perceive that as spam.

4. Reply to your comments and messages, connect with your listeners. A polite response to compliments on your tracks and in your inbox is generally appreciated by your listeners and keeps the conversation going (but keep point three in mind).

5. Join like-minded groups and share your sounds. Moderated groups are often better. It’s a good way to get heard and also to hear more like yours. Moderated groups weed out the noise from tracks that are completely irrelevant to the group theme.

6. Start a group with your unique theme, hunt down relevant tracks to invite contributions.This is a great way to meet like-minded SoundClouders and to create a sound space of your own.

7. Thank your group contributors and let them know what you think of their sound with a timed comment. This is a great way to connect with like-minded creators, and build up your own community.

8. Share your favorite artists and tracks with your other social networks freely. It’s great to get Tweeted or Facebooked by a follower who likes your track, right? Return the favor in advance.

9. Consider collaborating via private track sharing. SoundCloud makes it really easy to collaborate by letting you share works in progress privately, preserving full recording quality in the actual file uploaded.

10. Offer your own tracks for remixing and consider Creative Commons licensing.You might be surprised what unexpected variations and usages come back from the overall SoundCloud community of hugely diverse genres.

General Advice
In my opinion, with SoundCloud as in life, you get out what you put in. Get involved and keep the vibe positive.

This list of tips was contributed by Oliver Sadie, you should pay him a visit on SoundCloud here!