How to Build Meaningful Connections Using SoundCloud

We recently asked some of the most active community members to record and share with their favorite tips about how to best contribute to the community. Listen to the best tips below:


What kind of comments do you like to leave on other people's tracks? And why?

“When I listen to a new track, I respect that by commenting in an honest and encouraging way. The comment is a handshake.” - Michael Garrison

“I try to leave comments that highlight the special qualities of the track. I want to let the track's author know which features of their track I most appreciate.” - Joseph Houck

What's your favorite sort of comment to see? Why is that?

“I like to see comments that offer advice on tweaking my mix or arrangement, or whether someone was moved to make a comment because they genuinely liked what they heard.” - Gregory Martell aka Musiclab

How would you suggest a new SoundClouder find a supportive and engaging community on SoundCloud?

“SoundCloud, like Twitter, is one of those things where you only get out of it what you put into it. It sounds cliche but the only way to benefit is to engage others, and therefore invite engagement.” - Kerry Muzzey

How do you use the private track sharing features?

“My top 3 uses of private track sharing, in order of usage: 1. Collaborative sharing of track layers 2. Previews of WIPs to friends, for feedback to work back into the music 3. For new releases of tracks that are very important to me, to gain the most exposure most quickly. To be used as such sparingly to avoid becoming a serial spammer.” -Oliver Sadie

What about messaging? What are the do's and dont's? And why?

DO: Message an artist saying that you appreciate his/her music DON'T: Message an artist to tell them to listen to your music. The whole point of SoundCloud is to discover music, as well as to share it. Forcing music down someone's throat isn't the best way to do this. Skywalk3r