SoundCloud for Public Relations

Before You Start : See What Others Have to Say

“SoundCloud is an essential cornerstone of all our PR campaigns. It's a fantastic platform for sharing music and is adaptable to all our requirements. We use it both as an open promotional channel for our artists - using their embeddable players and album streaming widgets - and as a secure platform for privately-sharing confidential music files. It's an invaluable resource to us as a digital PR and marketing agency.” -Matt Brown, Stay Loose Digital Group 

Stream the music
Rather than sending people to an ugly third-party download site, SoundCloud lets your listeners stream the sound immediately, which means that tastemakers trying to listen won’t have to take extra steps to do so. You can also make the sound available for download via the player, or a standalone URL. 

Share the music
Want your tastemakers to spread the word? They can share the music easily onto their own blogs for all their readers to stream and download via the share function of the SoundCloud player. If you are sending out to Hype Machine registered blogs watch your embedded SoundCloud sound make its way up the chart via our Hype Machine integration

Private Sharing
By using a SoundCloud secret link or inviting via email, you can share private sounds that otherwise won’t show up in search results or on your profile. Only folks with the link will be able to access the sound, making it ideal for pre-release promotion. Do you want to have all your press assets in one place for specific contacts? Use the SoundCloud SoundCloud secret widget and you can create a password protected promo page with all the information you want on your artists and have an awesome private SoundCloud secret widget featuring the audio as well. Check out the examples below from Witchita Recordings and Radar Maker.

See who’s listening
Get feedback and insight on sounds you’re promoting. You can save time on creating press reports by easily accessing statistics on who’s listening, from where, and how many times a sound has been downloaded, embedded or played all from the Stats page.

Create exclusives
Take that secret widget one step further. You can embed private sounds to any website, allowing you to service an exclusive preview and lock it down to a site aimed at your target audience.

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