SoundCloud for Journalists

Whether you want to post a simple piece of audio and share it across the web or crowd source audio from your audience, SoundCloud can help using our players, record capabilities and some of our new innovative labs products.

Sharing Audio and Recording Audio 

Sharing and recording with SoundCloud is very easy. So whether you are holding an interview or doing some field reporting you can capture and distribute your content quickly. There are various ways to do this - you can record via our site or you can use our Android app. Take a read of the following guide for more info. 

Record directly on SoundCloud site 

Take Time Out London for example. During Edinburgh Fringe Festival the Time Out reviewers used the SoundCloud iPhone app to record mini reviews of the hundreds of shows they were watching. These were then simply added to a set player on SoundCloud and embedded on their site! Visit their site to listen to the reviews.

Further examples 

Tech Crunch - used to post a recording of Yahoo's shareholder meeting. 

All Things Digital - recording of the final question of Oracle's earnings conference call.

Audio Maps 

You can use our Android app to gather audio. One great way to do this is to make an audio map. An audio map is a way for people to plot sounds to locations. For example, if you were on location interviewing someone during a conference or a city-wide festival you can set the location, therefore adding extra context to the interview. Using our Android app, people can record on location, set the location and then recording is reflected on a map at that exact point. This then provides a central place for people to easily submit their audio - and visually, it looks great! We recently set one up for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - anyone from comedians, to visitors, journalists, venues could record audio and plot it to their exact location on the map! 


Currently in beta testing, SoundCloud can now provide an RSS feed for any spoken word accounts. For more information and to apply for the RSS feed, take a look at this guide