SoundCloud for Education

SoundCloud can help facilitate education in a number of ways whether you want to record or just distribute your audio.

Before You Start

Whether you want to distribute recordings of lectures, facilitate a way to receive audio amongst students or even communicate between student and teacher, SoundCloud can help. For example you can upload lectures to SoundCloud and push them to the relevant social networks, embed on sites and also submit to iTunes. With our record capability via the site you can even document lessons easily or even use it as a way to communicate.

Distribute Lessons and Lectures

Documenting lessons is a great way to both archive information and remove barriers for learning whether someone misses a class or is on the other side of the globe. Take University College London. They use SoundCloud to both communicate to students the latest news on UCL, and document and distribute their public lectures. They then embed that on their site and also distribute it via their social networks - predominantly Facebook and Twitter.


Want to transcribe your audio? Then try out Speaker Text who have integrated with SoundCloud.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using SoundCloud for education! Get started today!

More info

  • With our Record 101, you can learn how to use our site for recording.