How can I upload my Instagram photos to SoundCloud?

SoundCloud has teamed up with Instagram, so now you can connect your favorite images with your favorite audio. This means you can choose your best photos to add to your tracks or playlists.


You can do this straight away when you upload a new post, or add Instagram images later on your track page..


On the page of your sound or playlist, hovering over your avatar will show you a button that says 'Choose new image'. Click this and a pop up box will show 'Upload new image and now, ‘Instagram’. Click ‘Instagram’ for the first time and you will be asked to connect your Instagram account. Having connected once, your Instagram details will be saved in your cookies. If you clear your browsers history you will clear your Instagram account connection.



Remember, your images are square, so think of them as modern day record sleeves. As always, we look forward to seeing you get creative.