How does Messaging work?

We’ve upgraded our messaging system: now you can share sounds directly with other members of the SoundCloud community from any player, publicly or privately.


On the left side of the screen you will see a list of your conversations with other people. Clicking one of these will expand the message to show the full conversation and any shared tracks.


Now, in addition to being able to choose to share or embed tracks, you will now see a tab for messaging too, thus offering an easier way to share your tracks with other SoundCloud users. Just click ‘share’ on any track, then ‘Message’, and you’ll see the following:

If you’re receiving messages from someone you don’t want to, or you feel they’re spamming your inbox, you can stop them from contacting you again by clicking the ‘block’ button:

As before, if you feel you are receiving too many notifications from us due to messaging, you can change it.

This feature is currently available on our main site and isn't part of our mobile apps.

 Please note that the old messaging system is no longer available.