Where did Dropbox go?

We have recently removed the ability to share sounds privately by adding and removing other SoundClouders, or by adding a track to another user’s Dropbox.

We are disabling this feature because it was broken -- meaning that private shares were not being sent to everyone properly, and private tracks were often getting lost or not appearing in the Stream. We also got a lot of feedback from our community about people abusing this feature, and sending tracks to people who were not interested in receiving them. This placed tracks on Streams that could not be removed and caused a lot of confusion.

If you would like to privately or publicly accept tracks, you can either use our messaging system, or create a group. 


If you would like to have artists privately share tracks with you, we recommend using our messaging feature. This way, you can receive new tracks and can have a conversation about them all in the same place. Tracks can be easily found instead of having the potential of being lost on the Stream. 

They can either share to you in a message through the track's 'Share' button:

By clicking the envelope underneath your profile picture on your profile:

 or through the Messages inbox:


By creating a group, you can have anyone with a SoundCloud account upload directly to the group, or submit a track that is already uploaded to their account. You can direct potential artists or fans to your group through an embed on your blog or website.

You can create a group here: http://soundcloud.com/you/groups

From there, you can grab the embed of the group through the 'Share' button on the group page like this: 

You can grab the embed code and paste it to your blog or website to reach out to a larger audience. 

Once posted on your blog, anyone can land on your group page where they can submit their tracks. Here is a screenshot to illustrate: http://cl.ly/image/0q1P033A3W1O

If you choose to have the group moderated, you can listen to the tracks before they are shown on the group page. You can read more about how to moderate a group here.

Having the tracks submitted to a group means that instead of being shared to your Stream, you will have them all in the same place to review. 

Please note: groups are only for publicly uploaded tracks.

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