Why are there ads on SoundCloud?

Q: Why ads?

A: Every time you see or hear an ad, artists get paid. Occasional advertising on our platform allow us to continue to support artists and keep SoundCloud free for listeners.

Q: If I'm not a Premier Partner, will there be ads on any of my tracks?

A: No. Ads will not be placed on any of your tracks if you are a Free, Pro, or Pro Unlimited user. They are only played against content with the Premier Partner's explicit consent.

Q: Why is this U.S. exclusive?

A: We’re focused on launching and perfecting the program in the U.S. because it’s our biggest market, then we’ll be expanding it to other countries.


Q: How can I opt out of audio ads?

A: For now, there’s not an option to opt out of audio ads on the platform, but we’re rolling out ad products very gradually with attention to your listening experience. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a subscription service that provides an ad free experience. Stay tuned for more information.


Q: Why do Audio Ads show up on the tracks I embed? Do I get a revenue share?

A: If an embedded track has an audio ad at the beginning, the owner of the track is part of the revenue sharing level of our creator partner program and has enabled ads on their content.

Only the artist or partner and SoundCloud will share in the revenue generated. The external website and the person embedding the track will not share in any revenue.

Q: Will there be ads played in front of my track without my permission?  

A: No. Ads will not be placed on your tracks without your explicit consent.

Q: Ads are not shown in my country, so is anything changing for me?

A: Nope, nothing will be changing about your experience on SoundCloud.

Here is an example of an ad:

An example of a Promoted track:

An advertisement in the embedded player:

And an advertisement on our iOS app:



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