On SoundCloud

What is On SoundCloud?

On SoundCloud is the name of our partner program for creators. If you already have a SoundCloud account, you don’t have to do anything to become a part of On SoundCloud. 

On SoundCloud includes the established ways of being a creator on SoundCloud, as well as introducing our newest tier - the Premier tier.

If I have a free account, am I a Partner?

Yes, being a user with a free account is also known as our Partner tier. No extra actions are needed for you to continue enjoying the same features. The next level up, Pro, includes both the Pro and Pro Unlimited plans for increased upload time, stats, and other features. 

  • Partner tier = Free plan, open to everyone
  • Pro tier = Pro and Pro Unlimited plans, open to everyone with a small monthly or annual fee
  • Premier tier = Premier Partners, currently invite-only

See on.soundcloud.com/pro for further details. 

If I'm not a Premier partner, will there be ads on any of my tracks?

Ads will not be served on any of your tracks if you are a Free, Pro, or Pro Unlimited user. They are only served on the tracks of Premier partners with their  explicit consent.

How can I become an On SoundCloud Premier Partner?

At this time, the Premier Partner level of On SoundCloud is invite-only. As we expand the program, we’ll publicly announce when it becomes open to more community members. Check out http://on.soundcloud.com for more information and updates.

How were creators chosen to become Premier Partners?

Our first wave of Premier Partners represent a broad range of creators on the platform: independent artists, major artists, comedians, podcasters. These partners were selected based on their good standing within the SoundCloud community, their proven ability to build an engaged audience, and their growth over time. 

How can I monetize my tracks? 

Only artists and partners that are a part of the On SoundCloud Premier tier can monetize their tracks. Please visit http://on.soundcloud.com for more information.

Where are my tracks monetizable?

SoundCloud Go is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Australia & New Zealand. We're looking to expand it to other countries A.S.A.P. 
For more information about the Premier program, please visit on.soundcloud.com.