Can I embed my private tracks and playlists?

Yes! You can create embed codes viewable only to you, so you can embed private tracks and playlists on your blog or website. 
First, make sure you are logged in to your account, and check that your track is set to private with the Embed code displayed like this:

You can change these settings by clicking the pencil icon below a track or playlist’s waveform to access the edit page.
Once your track or playlist is private, click the 'Share' button below its waveform. This will generate an exclusive embed code that only you have access to.

Clicking the Share button will create a pop-up on your screen. From there click on the Embed tab and grab your embed code.

You can then paste the embed code onto a third party site that is compatible with html. The only difference is, your private sound or set will not be available anywhere other than the place you choose to embed it. 

For super exclusive promos, you can even combine the secret embed with a password-protected page on your own website.