How can I send my sound to somebody who isn't on SoundCloud?

If you’d like to send a sound to someone who is not on SoundCloud, you can copy the URL and paste it into a message, email, or tweet. You can do this for both public and private tracks and playlists.  
Simply click the ‘Share’ button below your track or playlist's waveform. An overlay will appear where you can then copy the link available like this:

If your track or playlist is private, it will have a secret code at the end so anyone with the URL will be able to play it. To revoke access, simply click the 'Reset secret link' button below the URL.  
When someone opens your link, they will be directed to SoundCloud where they can listen to your sound without creating an account.
*Note: if you choose to send a secret link to someone, be aware of the possibility that your link could be forwarded to unintended recipients.