How can I put my track or playlist on my site or blog?

You can embed sounds on any page that supports HTML code using our embedded players. To do this, find the track or playlist you want to embed, and click the pencil icon below its waveform to edit. 

From there, you will be taken to it's edit page where you will need to go to the 'Permissions' tab and make sure that embed codes will be displayed through the track's 'Share' button:

Once you click 'Save' you will be taken back to the track or playlist's individual page.

From here click the 'Share' button below the waveform and an overlay will appear. Click on the embed tab to view what options you have to embed your player. You can grab the embed code from 'Code & preview'. If you need the WordPress code, make sure to tick the box before copying the code. 

Next, copy the code and paste it into the HTML editor section of your site’s editor. From there a player will form and you can broaden your audience!