How do I change my Display Name?

You can change your Display Name and Profile URL to your profile by clicking on the edit icon on your Profile. You can choose any Display Name that you would like. 

To change your Profile URL, click the little pen icon that appears beside your URL, like in this image:

If the URL that you desire is taken by another user who you believe to be inactive, you request a transfer here

Your new Profile URL and Display Name may not show up immediately in Google search. This is dependent on Google refreshing it's cache. 

Please note that if you change the Profile URL to your profile, this will also affect all links and embedded players you might have posted previously. Embedded players that were posted before August 2010 will be broken. However, embedded players posted after this time will still play your sounds, but if the listener clicks through to the SoundCloud page, they will be directed to an empty page.

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