How much is each subscription plan? What about other currencies?

In Spring 2013, we introduced our brand-new Premium plans for you: Pro and Pro Unlimited. Head over to the Pro page and check out what each plan includes.
Current pricing:

For users within the E.U. as well as select other nations:
- Pro Account for 3 Euro/month or 29 Euro/year
- Pro Unlimited Account for 9 Euro/month or 99 Euro/year
For U.S. based users and others (outside of the E.U.)
- Pro Account for $6/month or $55/year
Pro Unlimited Account for $15/month or $135/year

For other currency conversions use this site to convert our Euro or US Dollar prices to your local currency:
Compare our different plans, features and pricing here.

Note: Prices will change depending on the exchange rate of the bank on the day the charge is processed. This applies to refunds as well. Also, if you’re outside of Germany, this transaction will be considered international and your bank may charge you international transaction fees