I deleted something and it isn't going away!


If you have selected to delete your account, then it will be put into a queue and removed shortly. The time it takes to process this termination will vary depending on the size of the account (the amount of followers, tracks, activity etc.)


After you request to delete your account, you will be signed out and you cannot sign back in. You may still be able to access your public profile while the deletion is being processed. Once the deletion is complete, your public profile is will no longer be available.

Tracks or playlists

If you have chosen to delete one of your tracks or playlists and it has still not been removed even after refreshing the page then please don’t worry. It just means that we are processing your request and it will be deleted soon.


If you’d like the track or playlist to be unavailable to the public whilst the deletion is processing then you can set it to private. To change your privacy setting, click the pencil icon below the waveform: