What are Playlists? How do I make them?

Playlists are sets or "albums" that you can create with your own or other people's tracks on SoundCloud. 

To create a playlist, click on ‘Add to playlist’ below any track to place it into a playlist. To create a new playlist, click the 'Create New' playlist tab.

You can arrange the tracks within a playlist at any time, by going to the playlist’s edit page. To do so just click the pencil icon underneath the waveform and select the "Tracks" tab where you can move them into the order you like. You can also shuffle tracks in a playlist through the shuffle button, to mix it up:

To remove tracks, go to the edit page and click the x on the right hand side like this:  

All playlists will be displayed on your profile, and shared to the Streams of your followers.

To view all of your playlists on one page, click 'Collections' on your top header, and go to your 'Playlists' tab:

How do you know it’s a playlist?

A playlist’s artwork looks like a small stack of record covers. The number of tracks within the playlist will also be displayed underneath.

We recommend creating smaller playlists, with a maximum of 150 tracks.

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