How do comments work?

Comments are displayed below waveforms, and can be read as a track plays. Once a track is playing, you can  also preview individual comments by hovering over the commenter's avatar.

To leave a comment while a track is playing, just click in the 'Write a comment' box and start typing! The comment will appear at the point on the waveform where you first started typing. Alternatively, you can click any free space in the comment section to leave a comment at that specific point.

To reply to a comment you are viewing, click the user avatar or any non-link and type your reply in the box below. Press "return" on your keyboard to save. To cancel, click anywhere outside of the current waveform. You can visit a commenter's profile by clicking their Display Name.

You can view all comments on a track by going to it's track page below the waveform. 

Alternatively, you can navigate directly to comments by adding /comments to a sound's URL. E.G.