What's new with SoundCloud?

Faster, more responsive, and available everywhere, the new HTML5-powered platform makes for a simpler, more social SoundCloud. We hope you’ll enjoy checking out the new features.

Search & Explore makes it easy for you to find the newest music & audio that you’ll love, plus the most popular tracks of the moment.

let you share what you like best from your stream.

With Playlists, build collections of your favorite sounds in one Waveform, and share. You can like and repost other people’s playlists, too.

Continuous Play means that you can hit play and enjoy, while continuing to explore the rest of SoundCloud. Use the ‘related sounds’ experience to find and enjoy sounds you’ll love -- effortlessly.
Been using SoundCloud for a while, and wondering where some of your favorite features have moved? Have a read of this summary of changes.