How do I share to Facebook?

We've integrated with Facebook to offer you the ability to share your SoundCloud activity and interactions to your Facebook more easily, putting more sound into your Timeline.
There are a few ways to share to Facebook. You can choose what the best option is for you depending on whether you wish to share to your personal Facebook profile or Facebook page and how many sounds and
playlists you wish to share.
To share to your personal Facebook profile, you can click on the "Facebook" share button from a sound or set's player. Click the ‘share’ button below its waveform, and click the ‘Facebook’ button. This will enable you to post the sound or set to your personal profile.

You can also manually post to a Facebook page you manage or to your personal profile page by copying the track's URL and pasting it into the Facebook page’s wall. This will create a player on that page’s stream.

If you'd like to connect your SoundCloud and personal Facebook accounts so that you don't have to manually post sounds, you can connect your SoundCloud account to automatically post the sounds to your Facebook account.

To do this, login to your SoundCloud account and go to your Settings Connections page. Click the Facebook button and login to your Facebook account when prompted. After your account is connected, you can choose what you want to post to Facebook, from the new sounds and playlists you upload, like, listen to, SoundClouders you follow, groups you join or comments you make. ‚Äč