Where are groups?

You can find groups you want to join using our Search bar (https://soundcloud.com/search). On the left hand side, there is a groups filter to narrow down your results. 

You can also find new groups while you are sharing your tracks by searching or clicking the suggestions we think you'd  enjoy:

To find the groups that you have joined, click on your profile picture on the right hand side of your header. You will see it in the drop down bar like this: 

You can share sounds to groups you are a member of by clicking the 'Add to Group' buttons on their players. You can contribute to groups up to 75 times within 24 hours.

We still have a few things to fully integrate, discussion, and moderation. Our team are hard at work to determine the best way to implement these features. Group discussions can be found by adding /discussion to the end of the Group's URL (e.g. https://soundcloud.com/groups/disquiet-junto/discussion).