• I accidentally deleted my account, can I get it back?

    If you recently deleted your account by accident, we may be able to help you restore it. Please contact us using an email address associated with your account, selecting the "Account Recovery" option. We will let you know ASAP if it is possible to recover your account.
  • What's that colored star I see on other people's profiles?

    The red star you see on some people’s profiles means that they have a Pro or Pro Unlimited plan. You can read more about our Pro plans here: https://soundcloud.com/pro and see if they are something you are interested in as well!
  • What does following mean?

    When you follow another user, their new sounds, playlists, and reposts will be displayed on your Stream as soon as they happen. This makes it easy to stay up to date. The person who you follow doesn't have to follow you back for you to receive their public updates.
  • What kind of Display Name should I pick? Can it be anything?

    Almost any name is fair game, but please keep the SoundCloud Community Guidelines in mind when choosing. In general, we ask you not to pretend to be someone else. This means that your chosen Display Name should not mislead people into thinking you are someone you are not. In short:...
  • How do I unlike a track or playlist?

    You can unlike a track or playlist by logging in to your account, going to your "Likes", and clicking the little heart underneath the player as shown below: Once the heart is clicked, the sound or set will be removed from your "Likes". To get to your "Likes", click your...
  • I deleted something and it isn't going away!

    Account If you have selected to delete your account, then it will be put into a queue and removed shortly. The time it takes to process this termination will vary depending on the size of the account (the amount of followers, tracks, activity etc.) After you request to delete your...
  • Looks like 'Hey' is spelled wrong. It says 'Hej', what's up with that?

    Both SoundCloud co-founders (and parts of the team) are actually from Sweden and 'Hej' is Swedish for 'Hey'.
  • No pages are loading, what can I do?

    If you are having trouble loading the site, it may be due to issues with your browser's cache and cookies. In most cases, clearing your cache and cookies should resolve this issue. You can also check our Status Blog for news and updates on any service interruptions that may be...
  • Can I select which tab is shown first when people come to my profile?

    It's not possible to select which tab will show first when users land on your profile. The "All" tab will always be the first tab to show.
  • Why are other people's sounds on my profile?

    Please make sure you are looking at your profile. You can find this by clicking your avatar in the header, then 'Your profile'. If the sound is showing on your profile, it may be that you reposted it, which will push the sound to your followers’ Streams, and display the...