• How do I make a track autoplay on my SoundCloud profile?

    At this time, there is no way to edit your track's settings to make your track play automatically directly on SoundCloud. However, you can make your track autoplay from an embedded player. Read more about this here.
  • How can I customize my profile description?

    To change your profile description, log in to your account and go to your Settings page. Your Settings page can be accessed through your top header like this: From here, you can add whatever you'd like in the profile description field. We highly recommend checking out our Creator Guide for...
  • The URL I want is taken! Can I have it?

    If the Profile URL you want to use is taken by another community member, you might be able to claim it for your own use, if the associated account is inactive. Our inactive account policy states that any Profile URL attached to an account that has been inactive for 6...
  • What is Continuous Play?

    SoundCloud lets you press play and just keep listening! Explore SoundCloud while continuously listening to sounds from your Stream. To return to the sound you’re hearing, hit the track name next to the play controls. Head back to SoundCloud to give it a go!
  • Where do I find keyboard shortcuts?

    Press 'H' on your keyboard!
  • How do I log out of my account?

    To log out of your account, click your avatar in the header, then select ‘Log out’. You will then be directed to a screen that confirms that you have signed out successfully.
  • How do I add my tour dates to my profile?

    Display your upcoming tour dates on your profile, with our Songkick and BandPage integrations. If you link your SoundCloud account to a Songkick or BandPage artist page, your profile will automatically update to display your three upcoming shows. To connect your SoundCloud account with a Songkick or BandPage artist page,...
  • Is SoundCloud available in any other languages?

    SoundCloud is currently available in English and Brazilian Portuguese. You can switch between these two by clicking the language stated at the bottom right corner of the screen. Like this: We would like to offer the site in other languages too, but we don't have any solid plans for this...
  • I'm getting too many/few email notifications from SoundCloud, what can I do?

    Go to your email notifications settings page, and you’ll be able to set your notification preferences. You can choose exactly which type of events you wish to be notified about. We are currently experiencing a delay in our email notification system. We are switching over to another system soon and...
  • Can I disable comments?

    It’s not possible to prevent comments from being shown when you play sounds. However, with a Premium account, you can disable comments from being left on your own uploads in Quiet Mode. Click here to find out more.