• How do I share my track to a group?

    To share one of your tracks to groups, you will first have to join groups you think would be the most responsive to your sounds. You can read more about how to do that here. Once you have joined groups, you can share your tracks by clicking the "Add to...
  • How can I share to Blogger?

    You can share sounds to Blogger using our embedded players. Read this article to find out how.
  • How do I remove a repost from my profile?

    You can remove a repost from your profile by clicking the two circling arrows below the waveform. It will automatically be removed from your profile, and the Stream page:
  • Can I make downloads for a track accessible only for certain people?

    This feature currently isn't supported. A workaround for now is to upload two versions of the tracks -- one as public and non-downloadable, and the other as private and downloadable. From there, you can share the secret link to anyone, and they'll be able to download the track. If at...
  • How do I join a group?

    To join a group, click the "Join" button on the left hand of it's page: Or if you are searching for groups you can join more than one at a time on the search page like this: *Please note that if you join a moderated group, you will still need...
  • What image is used when I share to Facebook?

    When sharing to Facebook, if the track or set you are sharing has artwork uploaded to it, it will be displayed. If not, a white SoundCloud logo with a blue background will appear.
  • Where are groups?

    You can find groups you want to join using our Search bar (https://soundcloud.com/search). On the left hand side, there is a groups filter to narrow down your results. You can also find new groups while you are sharing your tracks by searching or clicking the suggestions we think you'd enjoy:...
  • How do I change what's connected to share to Facebook?

    Go into your Connections settings, and click the little 'x' or checkmark beside the actions you would like to enable or disable. When there's an 'x' there, that means that those specific actions won't be shared to your friends on Facebook, and when there's a checkmark, that means they will...
  • How do I share to Twitter?

    You can share to Twitter by clicking the 'Share' button underneath the track's waveform and then clicking on the little birdy to send it out to your Twitter followers. You can also connect your Twitter account to SoundCloud here and have your sounds and playlists, and/or your likes to be...
  • How can I put my tracks on my iWeb site?

    You can embed tracks to your iWeb site using our embedded players. Read this article to find out how.