• How do the sharing levels (public and private) work?

    When you upload a sound to SoundCloud, you have two options for how you want to share it with other users: Public and Private. Public sharing means that anyone can listen to your sound, and it will show up on your profile page. Private sharing is exclusive, giving you control...
  • Can I make downloads for a track accessible only for certain people?

    This feature currently isn't supported. A workaround for now is to upload two versions of the tracks -- one as public and non-downloadable, and the other as private and downloadable. From there, you can share the secret link to anyone, and they'll be able to download the track. If at...
  • Where's the 'Share' option on Facebook?

    Sorry, this option was removed by Facebook and we're unable to influence or change it. The 'Share' option will appear if you copy your track's URL and paste that to your status update on Facebook, or to a wall of a friend, group, page, etc..
  • How can I share to Blogger?

    You can share sounds to Blogger using our embedded players. Read this article to find out how.
  • How can I put my tracks on my iWeb site?

    You can embed tracks to your iWeb site using our embedded players. Read this article to find out how.
  • How do I add my SoundCloud tracks to Reddit?

    If you would like to share your SoundCloud track or playlist on Reddit, simply copy and paste the SoundCloud URL into your Reddit post. Once posted, people can click on the play button and your player will appear (like image below).
  • How do I share my sound on Pinterest?

    When you pin a sound on Pinterest, its artwork will be displayed alongside your other pins, and the SoundCloud HTML5 player will launch when the pin is clicked. It’s perfect for listening whilst you browse Pinterest. Shared sounds are fully attributed, and link back to their page on SoundCloud, so...
  • What is the difference between a group contributor, member, and moderator?

    When it comes to groups, you can either be a group moderator, contributor, or member. Moderators: If you create a group that you set to moderated, you will automatically be a group moderator/owner. This means that all of the tracks that get submitted to your group will only be added...
  • How can I scrobble my sounds?

    Unfortunately we don't support scrobbling to last.fm, but if you're interested in a feature that's similar to scrobbling, you can connect your account to Facebook and share sounds you've listened to there. This won't give you recommendations about what to listen to next, but is more of a way to...
  • How do I use BB codes with SoundCloud?

    BB codes allow content to be more easily embeddable into discussion forums. Read more about using them with SoundCloud embedded players here.