• What's the difference between each subscription level?

    Whether you choose to go Pro or Pro Unlimited is up to you! Here's what each subscription level includes: Free - 2 total upload hours - 100 downloads/sound - Unlimited playlist creation - Some stats (see the amount of plays, downloads, comments and favorites of your tracks) Pro - 4...
  • How much is each subscription plan? What about other currencies?

    In Spring 2013, we introduced our brand-new Premium plans for you: Pro and Pro Unlimited. Depending on where you are making your purchase, the pricing will be in either Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, or Australian Dollars. Head over to the Pro page and check out what each...
  • Will my tracks, comments and stats be deleted when I downgrade from a Pro to a free account?

    Don't worry: when you downgrade to a free plan, we will not delete anything from your account. The oldest uploads exceeding the limits of the free account will be hidden. You will be able view these hidden tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/you/tracks or by clicking on your profile picture on your header...
  • I upgraded but I thought I would get more minutes than I did.

    The total amount of upload minutes that come with each account is listed on our Pro page. SoundCloud plans can't be combined, so for example: if you purchase a Pro subscription, it will not add an additional 4 hours to your account. If you're upgrading from a free account, it...
  • How do in-app purchases work?

    You can purchase our Pro or Pro Unlimited plan with our iPhone app! Please read the following FAQ below for more detailed information. Q. How much do the Pro and Pro Unlimited plans cost in the iOS app? A. The total price depends on the country of the Apple App...
  • I want to cancel my subscription

    Sorry to see you go but no worries. You can cancel your subscription at any time here. If you're within the 30 days money back period, a refund will be processed automatically. If you change your mind, you can upgrade back to a Pro subscription here.
  • If I upgrade to Pro, do I get 240 minutes on top of 120 minutes?

    No, the Pro subscription comes with 240 minutes (4 hours) in total. If you need more than 240 minutes, you will need to upgrade to a Pro Unlimited account.
  • What's a Promo Code?

    A Promo Code is a discount code and isn't obligatory to enter when purchasing. At the moment, we don't accept Promo Codes directly - please contact our friendly Transactions team at transactions@soundcloud.com to help you redeem your Promo Code.
  • I need an invoice! Can you send me one?

    We send you an invoice as soon as you purchase an account. Keep in mind to check your spam folders just in case it ended up there. You can also check back on previous transactions and invoices on your Account Plan page.
  • How can I switch from a monthly to a yearly account?

    Head here and choose “Renew” if you want to stay on your current plan. Choose “Upgrade”, if you want to upgrade from a Pro to a Pro Unlimited Plan On the next page, you can then choose to pay for one year. Your previous monthly subscription will then automatically end....