• Why can't I follow/unfollow more people?

    Right now, the overall following limit is 2000 and this is applied to all subscriptions. Please note that is a measure designed to reduce stability issues related to following a large number of accounts (e.g. problems loading stream, followings page etc). You may also notice a restriction on the number...
  • How do I block someone from following me?

    To stop an account from following, or interacting with you, all you need to do is block them. You will see the option to block an account in the bottom left of their profile. Blocking an account will mean that person can no longer follow you, like your sounds, repost...
  • How do I get more followers and plays on SoundCloud?

    Keep in mind, it takes some time to gain followers and get the right exposure anywhere on the Internet. But check out this blog post on how to make your profile sing, and/or these tips on how to build your own community on SoundCloud from Super 'Clouder, Oliver Sadie!
  • Can I message all of my followers at once?

    SoundCloud does not offer the ability to mass message on the platform. However, when you upload a new track or playlists, it will be pushed to the top of all your followers’ Streams to listen to. Don’t forget that whenever one of your fans reposts the track, it will go...
  • How do I find interesting people I can follow?

    The easiest way is for you to browse from one member to another, check out some of their creations and follow the ones you like. Or you could start by exploring our SoundClouder Of The Day group and take a trip across the world with the help of SoundCloud Local....
  • What are these SoundCloud meetups all about? How can I get involved?

    Thanks for your interest! SoundCloud meetups are gatherings for users, by users! They're meant to bring online users together offline to network, socialize, collaborate and more! Head over to meetup.com to see if a meetup is scheduled in your city some time soon. If there aren't any scheduled, show interest...
  • Do you have phone support?

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately we don't provide phone support at this time. We do our very best to answer as soon as we can if you reach out to us via email here.
  • Can I merge accounts?

    You won't be able to merge accounts at this time. The accounts will have to remain separate with different email addresses registered to them. Or one can be deleted and the material from that one can be uploaded to the other one (unfortunately, we won't be able to transfer stats...
  • How can I use SoundCloud to collaborate with my band members?

    If you would like to learn more about how to collaborate with fellow band members, we recommend reading the following: http://soundcloud.com/101/band-collaboration
  • Where can I find SoundCloud forums?

    At this time, all previous forums have been disabled and we do not currently have active forums.