• Hey SoundCloud! Where can I download your App?

    Here are links to download the latest version of our Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android.
  • I'm having problems with the iPhone or iPad app

    If you are experiencing trouble with the iPhone or iPad app, please follow the steps below: 1. Delete and reinstall the app 2. Ensure that you have upgraded to the latest iOS available for your device 3. Try using a strong WiFi connection, or 3G If none of those steps...
  • Will I lose information if I delete the app from my device?

    If the SoundCloud app isn't working quite right on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device, feel free to un-install and re-install it! You will not lose any information when you delete the SoundCloud app from your device. Once you re-install, all tracks, Likes, playlists, comments etc. will be intact. *Note:...
  • I'm having trouble with the app on BlackBerry, help?

    Thanks to BlackBerry 10, we've made our Android app available to operate on BlackBerry devices with OS 10.0 and above. However, this means there may be some discrepancies (since the app wasn't officially built for BlackBerry), so unfortunately, we won't be able to tackle all issues that are occurring on...
  • m.soundcloud.com does not work on my Windows Phone. Why is that?

    The mobile version of our website, m.soundcloud.com, is currently not available on Windows Phones. Instead, Internet Explorer will display the error message "res://ieframe.dll/syntax.htm". We're very sorry about this. Our developers are investigating further into the issues at the moment and we're hoping to bring the mobile site back to our...
  • I keep getting a 401 error, what should I do?

    If you receive a "401 error" message with the iPhone app, please try logging out of your account and log back in again.
  • How do I use GarageBand with SoundCloud?

    With the iPad and iPhone Garageband app you can upload your creations from Garageband straight to your SoundCloud account. You can find more info on this app here.
  • Are you integrated with Cakewalk?

    Yes! Please look for information about our integration with Cakewalk here: http://soundcloud.com/apps/cakewalk-music-creator. If you are experiencing difficulty using SoundCloud with Cakewalk please go to the Cakewalk help center.
  • You can now share your CD Baby music on SoundCloud?

    Indeed! You can now easily share your music from your CD Baby account to your SoundCloud profile. To get the CD Baby app, click here. To read more about how to use SoundCloud with CD Baby, click here. If you have more questions in regards to how SoundCloud and CD...
  • Where is the Mac desktop app?

    Due to resources, we are no longer maintaining the Mac desktop app as of Spring 2013. If you enjoyed the playlist feature then you can do this on the SoundCloud website and apps. You can read more about how to create playlists here.