When you share your tracks on SoundCloud and across the web, it is great to know who, where, when and how often your tracks have been listened to. With SoundCloud stats, you can view in-depth information about your sounds. We have recently redesigned our stats to show how often your tracks have been
  • Played
  • Liked
  • Commented on
  • Reposted
  • and Downloaded
You can also go into more detail; discovering new fans by viewing location, top listeners, apps and sources. This is dependent on what plan you have. You can read about the different stats offered for Free, Pro, and Pro Unlimited members here: https://soundcloud.com/pro

How do I get to my Stats page?

You can look at your profile’s stats by clicking ‘View all’ on the mini-update visible on the right hand side of your Stream page. In the mini-update, you will find an overview of all your tracks' plays from the last 24 hours and last 7 days -- as well as the total amount of plays made on your profile. It looks like this:

You can also access your stats overview through the drop-down menu on your top header like this:


If you would like to view your stats for a specific track on your profile, you can do so through the track’s individual page (Ex: https://soundcloud.com/yourpermalink/yourtrack) below the waveform:

You can read more about individual track stats here

Overall Stats

When viewing your profile's stats overview, you will land on this page showing activity on your profile for the last 7 days:

Along the top of the page you will see how many plays, likes, comments, reposts, and downloads have been made on your profile. Please note: these are only for tracks on your profile; we do not currently have stats for playlists.

The bar graph below shows how many plays have been made during the time range that you have chosen.

Your top five tracks are listed on the right hand side and correspond with the bar graph. The category ‘Others’ is all of the plays you have received on your profile outside of these top tracks. When you scroll over each track, the graph focuses on how many plays it has received during the time range that you have chosen.
 In the example above, when viewing the track ‘Rilo’, you can see how many plays made on this track make up the majority of overall plays on your profile.

For even more detail, scroll over a particular bar and you can view how many plays were made on your top tracks during that period of time. Each color represents a different track that corresponds to the table on the right hand side.
Top 50
Below the graph is where you can view your top tracks; along with the top countries, listeners, sources and apps depending on what plan you have (Free, Pro, or Pro Unlimited). Initially you will only see the top five, but if you click on ‘Expand to view more’ you can view the top 50 for each list for more extensive details about your listeners.

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