My profile page won't load

If you are seeing a blank profile page, first make sure that you are using a browser version that SoundCloud supports. The lowest browser versions SoundCloud supports are: 

  • Chrome >= 40 
  • Firefox >=  41
  • Edge >= 15
  • Safari 8

If you are using a lower browser version, please upgrade it. From there, you should be able to load the page properly.


My browser version is up to date, what do I do next?

Please try loading the page after following these steps:

  • Check our Status Blog to make sure that there are not any interruptions on site that could cause you difficulties loading pages

To start fresh, could you please clear your browser's cache and cookies (, close the browser window, and open a new one?

Next, please follow these steps: - If you've installed any plugins (AdBlock, Flashblock, Hola VPN, HTTPS everywhere, VLC Web plugin) on your browser, please disable them, as this may help. Plugins can often block SoundCloud from working properly.

Additionally, please disable or allow for an exemption on any pop up blocker, firewall, or antivirus on your computer. - In the event that you are still experiencing difficulties, you may also want to try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to see if the issue continues. 


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