Reporting defamation

Defamation (also referred to as slander or libel) is defined as accusing someone of an action they should not be held responsible for, with the outcome of damaging an individual’s reputation. Typically, defamatory content is presented as fact with or without evidence to back up assertions being made. 

Reporting defamation

In order for us to take action, there must be a clear link between the reported content and your personal identity. Please note that decisions will be based solely on the information available to us on our own platform. In cases where no sufficient association can be made between the reported content and your identity, the content will remain on SoundCloud.

Please note; we can only accept reports from those directly involved in these cases. We may require you to provide photo identification to verify your identity.

If you would like to report defamation, please provide us with the following details through the contact button below this article:

  • The URL of the content you want to report (please provide the exact timestamp where your name is mentioned)
  • A brief explanation of how the content is defamatory
  • Any further information to support your case


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