Best practices for creating and uploading an entry for a remix contest or competition

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before uploading an entry for a competition or contest on the SoundCloud platform:

  1. If the competition is not being run on the SoundCloud Platform, it may be that the organizer of the competition has not acquired the correct permissions to have your remix available on SoundCloud for that purpose. 
  2. If you are participating in a DJ-mix contest, please bear in mind that you must have the necessary permissions to use all tracks that you have included in your DJ-mix.
  3. It's also possible that the rules of the competition state that entries must be removed from accounts once a competition finishes. So, if you don’t remove your remix in time after the competition finishes, it may be reported for copyright infringement.

Always be sure to read the rules of the contest before you submit your entry, and bear in mind that SoundCloud does not run any remix competitions on SoundCloud platform - we don’t make the rules!


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