A track you bought was taken down for copyright infringement

In accordance with current copyright legislation, you can only upload content that you own the  appropriate licenses for with regard to that purpose. Purchasing a track does not transfer rights to publicly publish the track - either in original or in an edited way - without explicit permission. In order to be able to upload the track to SoundCloud, you would need to get in touch with the original’s copyright holder.

If you are able to provide proof that you do have permission from the original’s rights holders to publish their content on SoundCloud, our Copyright Team is happy to manually review these permissions and reinstate the track onto your profile. Please sign into your account and fill out the disputes form here.

I uploaded the track as private, isn't that okay? 

Even if it is for your own personal use, you won’t be allowed to upload a purchased track to your SoundCloud profile as a private track. Purchasing a track does not necessarily give you the right to upload it to an online platform or to make it available to a wider audience. As you may know it is still possible to share private tracks with other listeners. 

Remember to only upload content, both publicly and privately, that you own the copyright to or that you have the necessary rights holder permission to make a copy of and publish online. SoundCloud is using an automated content identification system that recognizes copyright protected content. If the system detects copyright protected material in a private upload, that content will be blocked.

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