Best practices for creating and uploading music in a podcast

If you’re using music in your podcast, please be sure that it’s fully cleared and not infringing on anyone’s rights. We have included some suggestions for how you can do this below.

Online sound libraries 

You can find royalty free and podsafe tracks from online sound libraries. These sound libraries offer tracks that may be used for different purposes depending on the specific license. Whereas some may be only made available for private download, others may be used in published projects, and they would be a great choice for you to use as podcast introduction or transition music. If you find sounds you want to use from such libraries, please read their license terms to ensure that you can publish them on SoundCloud as part of your podcast. Please ensure the master recording as well as the publishing rights are covered in the license terms.


SoundCloud creators and Creative Commons 

You can get permission directly from the creator(s) in the case that they retain all rights to their music. Since you’re already on SoundCloud, feel free to search for tracks you like from creators on the platform. Using the Creative Commons search filters can be helpful in finding available tracks, but we still recommend getting direct permission from the creator. You can reach out to creators directly via the messaging function and ask for their permission. If they aren’t the sole creator of the track or have assigned their rights to a recording company and/or a publisher, please ensure that you get all the other rights holders’ permissions before using the content.

Please do not use copyrighted content in your podcasts without rights holder permission. If you have the necessary licenses to all content you use beforehand, you will avoid running into copyright infringement problems on the platform. Please also keep in mind that the SoundCloud Platform is available globally and that your licenses need to take account of that.  Following the guidelines above can ensure that you have a smooth experience with podcasting on SoundCloud. Happy podcasting!

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