Your podcast's artwork

The artwork of your podcast will always be your profile picture on SoundCloud. 

If you want to submit your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts, you must make sure that your profile image’s artwork is at least 1400x1400 pixels, and no larger than 3000x3000 pixels. 

If your artwork is not between these image requirements, you will receive an error from Apple Podcasts that says “Podcast cover art must be at least 1400 X 1400 pixel JPG or PNG, in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests”.

After you've updated your profile picture, you can run your RSS feed through Podbase to validate if it meets Apple requirements or not. 


Checking your artwork's pixel dimensions

Find the file size and pixel dimension of a file from a saved file on your computer, or through your RSS feed.

Saved file on your computer

If you have the image saved on your computer, you can find out the pixel dimensions through the image’s information.  

On a Mac: Open the image file in Preview. Click on Tools in the top menu and select Show Inspector. A pop-up window will open, and under the title ‘Image size’ you will see the pixel height and width of your image.

On a PC: Right click on the image file, look at Properties, and then the Summary tab.


Your RSS feed

If you are unsure what dimensions your artwork is, go to your RSS feed (Available through your Content Settings page) and copy-paste the link within the <itunes:image>.

From there, open up your console, and scroll over the img style tag to view the pixel dimensions of your artwork.


Submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts

You can then submit the podcast to Apple Podcasts Connect portal to refresh your feed. Just go to and click your podcast to see details, then click “Refresh”. This triggers the Apple Store to re-check your feed.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the podcast to be updated on Apple Podcasts.


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