Follower count suddenly dropping

Every time you make an action on your SoundCloud account (such as signing in, uploading a track, or following an account) your cache is reset. This means that you may experience jumps in your follower counts when you do any of the above and your cache refreshes and recognizes new information.

Your follower count can drop for two reasons:

  • People are unfollowing you
  • Batches of spam accounts which are in your followers have been removed from the platform. 
    • In cases where you see a sudden drop, the latter is most likely to be the case.

On a regular basis, our Trust & Safety Team work to detect and remove spam accounts from the platform. On removing these accounts, any likes, reposts or comments they’ve previously performed will also be removed. This is why you may notice sudden drops in these activities from your account from time to time as well. 

The reason why spam accounts may interact with you, is so that they can appear more human. These accounts will follow, like, repost or comment on a wide variety of accounts in the community to appear more ‘real’.

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