Your own original track was taken down for copyright infringement

If your track was mistakenly identified as infringing on someone else’s copyright, please log into your account to file a dispute, and our Copyright Team can return the content to your profile quickly. You can file a dispute here.

My own content was correctly identified, but flagged as infringement and blocked

If your artist or band name appears in the messages we send you when a track is removed from your account, it’s likely that your label or your digital distributor has submitted your content to protect its publication on SoundCloud.

This also means that your content is safe. Yay! The downside of such a system is that it may prevent you, as the rights holder, from uploading material you have the rights to.

One quick and easy way to solve this problem and get your track back up on your account is to file a dispute with us. Our Copyright Team can see the metadata associated with each track that is taken down by our content identification system. If there is a clear match between your profile name and the creator associated with the identified track, they will reinstate your track quickly. If this is not apparent, make sure to give us as much information as you can when you file our web form, in order to help the Copyright Team establish the relationship between your profile and the identified track.  

How to prevent this from happening again

If you want the content identification system to stop blocking your music when you upload it to SoundCloud in the future, we recommend you to get in touch with a representative of your label or your digital distributor. They will be able to authorize your account so that you can upload your own music.


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