Can't make or reply to a comment

If you’re having trouble making or replying to a comment, it could be because you have been temporarily blocked from using this feature or it could be because you have not yet confirmed the email address on your account.

We have spam detection systems in place that will block users that are posting large numbers of similar or identical comments in a 24 hour period, to people who haven't recently interacted with them. Why? Because this sort of behavior directly violates our Community Guidelines

We can’t remove these blocks sooner than they are set to expire and users with Next Pro accounts don’t receive preferential treatment. We recommend making each comment unique to the person you're contacting, or trying to cut down on the total number of comments you make in a day.

If you follow these tips, you shouldn’t run into these blocks anymore.

To make sure that you have confirmed your email address, simply head over to your accounts settings page. If your email address has been confirmed it will appear as (Primary), if it isn't confirmed yet it will appear as (Primary) (Not confirmed - Resend confirmation email). Click the link to resend the confirmation email and it will generate an email which will be sent to you. 



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