How can I connect my SoundCloud account with my Facebook, Google or Apple account?

Connecting your Facebook, Google or Apple account

To connect your SoundCloud account to Facebook, Google or Apple, go to your Connection Settings page and click on the Facebook/Google/Apple button below the title ‘Connect additional accounts’:


If you are an Apple user, please bear in mind that Apple requires you to set up a MFA (Multifactor authentication).

You can now sign into your SoundCloud account with your personal Facebook profile, your Google or Apple account.

Please note: SoundCloud can only be directly connected to a Facebook personal profile and cannot directly connect Facebook Pages to SoundCloud. 


Disconnecting your Facebook, Google or Apple account 

You can disconnect Facebook/Google/Apple from being associated with your SoundCloud account by clicking the ‘Disconnect’ button like this:


By doing this, you will no longer be able to sign in to your account through Facebook, Google or Apple.



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