Suggested Tracks

With Suggested Tracks, you can discover tracks based on what you already like and what you listen to the most, giving you the ability to broaden your sphere of music - quickly and easily. Hit Like on a Suggested Track and similar tracks will be suggested to you in the following days.

To access your suggested tracks on web, hit the discover tab on the home screen and you’ll see a list based on what you’ve liked or played.


For the app, hit the search icon and you’ll be greeted with a similar list.

Suggested tracks are selected by an algorithm that returns recommendations through a network of relations and interactions on SoundCloud (for example a user liked a track, a user followed another user, a track is reposted etc.). The recommendations for a track can be both directly or indirectly related to tracks in this network.

Please note: There isn’t a way to remove tracks from your suggested tracks at this time. 

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