I get an error when I try to create an account

First, check to see if we are experiencing troubles on site by visiting our Status Blog. This may explain why you are having difficulties creating an account.

If we are not experiencing any troubles at this time, what error message are you seeing? 


We couldn't sign you up

[For iOS users] You may be using an old version of our app for which email signup has been disabled. Please upgrade to the latest version or sign up with Facebook or Google.

Our robots think this signup/sign in looks too much like spam

If you're having troubles signing up to SoundCloud and keep seeing the error message below, this is because the location you're coming from is getting flagged by our anti-spam systems as suspicious.

If you see this error message, try creating an account in another browser, from a different computer, different location, or a new email address!
**If you get this error on sign in, please check another device or IP to see if that causes the same issue. 


When signing up, it says my email is already in use

It may be that you already have a SoundCloud account, and you don’t know it! This can happen when you sign up with Facebook, and it is connected to your email. Try signing in with Facebook, and see if you have an account.

Still need help? File a ticket.

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