Content ownership in the dispute process

If a track has been taken down from your account, it has either been recognized by our content identification system as containing copyrighted material or reported to us by a third-party who claims copyright on it.

In this second step of the disputing process, we need you to clarify who created or owns the content you’re uploading. This allows us to verify whether or not you are entitled to have this content on your account.

Important: Please note that “ownership” does not mean owning a digital, CD or vinyl copy of the track. It means owning the copyrights for the track.

There are 4 options to choose from. Select the one that applies to your upload.

1. All my own work (or the work of someone I represent)

Choose this option if this is an original track that you created, or you are working on behalf of someone who owns all the rights to it (eg. a creator or a record label).

2. My version of someone else’s song

Choose this option if your upload is a cover version of someone else’s song or if you created a remix, a remake or an edit of someone else’s song.

3. My creation, but I used tracks from other creators (i.e. in a DJ mix, mashup, radio show, or podcast)

Choose this option if your upload is made of a collection of tracks from other creators such as in a DJ mix, a mashup, a radio or a podcast.

4. Entirely someone else’s creation

Choose this option if you did not create this track yourself, or if you bought it online or got it as a free download.


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