Abuse and harassment policies

We consider abuse to be any activity on SoundCloud where the intention is to deliberately demean or cause harm or upset to another person. We think that criticism can be helpful, if it is shared in a constructive way. Remember, just because someone says something that you disagree with, this does not necessarily mean they are acting in an abusive way. To us, there is a clear difference between an individual providing constructive feedback on content (e.g. “Your guitar is out of tune–if you fixed it the song would be better”) vs. someone insulting another person (e.g. “You are a bad at playing guitar because you are stupid”). 

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, or threatened, by another SoundCloud member, make sure to speak with a friend, or family member, about what’s happening. If you receive violent threats and are concerned for your immediate safety, you should also get in touch with your local authorities (as well as letting us know) to ensure your safety.


If you break the rules

We have zero tolerance for abusive or threatening behavior within the community. We consider abuse to be any activity where the intent is to deliberately attack or demean someone else, in order to harm or upset them. Anyone found to be engaging in this type of activity risks the immediate, permanent termination of their account.

As with all policy violations, we will always send you written warnings should we find that you have broken the Terms. In most cases, we operate a three-strikes rule, meaning that if we need to warn you more than twice, we will terminate your account. We also reserve the right to terminate accounts immediately for gross violations of the Terms


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