Hiding or removing other users' tracks

Depending on where the track is on the platform, you may be able to remove it. Where does the track appear?

Your Stream

If you want to stop seeing tracks or reposts from certain users in your Stream, you just need to unfollow them. This will remove all current tracks, reposts and playlists from your Stream and stop new uploads from appearing as well.

Please note: There isn’t a way to remove individual tracks from the Stream. 

Your Library

In order to stop seeing certain tracks or playlists in your Library page, you need to unlike the track or playlist. You can unlike by clicking the 'Liked' button to be 'Like'.

Your playlist

If you created a playlist and added tracks to it, it is also possible to remove those tracks. Read more about how to do this here

Recommended tracks

There's not a way to remove recommended tracks from your individual track's page if it is public. If your track is private, no recommended tracks will play afterwards. 

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