Adding tracks to your RSS feed

In order for your RSS feed to submit content to iTunes, you must have at least one track that is publicly available added to it. Private tracks cannot be pushed to your RSS feed.  

Please note: It may take iTunes up to 24 hours to read your SoundCloud RSS feed and recognize new episodes in your podcast.

We have a few different ways that you can add tracks to your RSS feed. Learn more about the options below.

Automatically including tracks

You can ensure that all of your future uploads are pushed to your RSS feed automatically by clicking ‘Include in RSS feed’ under ‘Upload defaults’ on your Content Settings page:



Adding individual tracks

To include a track in your feed, head to your track's Permissions tab within the edit page and check the option to include in your feed. 

Adding multiple tracks at once

If you have a lot of episodes uploaded, you can include them in your RSS feed using the batch editor on your Tracks page. Check all of the tracks you wish to edit, click edit tracks, then select Permissions. Check the option to include in your RSS feed and the tracks will be added.


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