What to do if your track was taken down for copyright infringement

If a track gets flagged by our automated system or gets reported manually for containing copyright protected material, that track is removed from your profile until the dispute can be resolved. The process is exactly the same whether you’re a bedroom DJ or an A-list artist.

Mistakes can be made, particularly when using automated systems — sometimes tracks get mistakenly identified, and sometimes they get blocked when the person uploading them has the right to post them. If your track was blocked although you have the relevant rights or permissions in place, please file a dispute to have the track checked and reinstated on your profile. 

If the content has been correctly identified, please answer “yes” to the question "Was my content correctly identified by the content ID system?" when filing a dispute. However if our system mistook your upload for another copyrighted track, answer “no” to this question. In these cases our copyright team will compare your upload to the identified material and reinstate it if your dispute is accepted. 

Please note: Based on current copyright legislation, you can only upload tracks to your account that you own the copyrights for or have the appropriate licenses or permissions to share. This also includes tracks that you have purchased or downloaded from other sources online — you would always need that content’s rights holder’s permission.

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