Your radio show was taken down for copyright infringement

If your radio station has its own SoundCloud account and all necessary licenses covering master recordings rights and publishing rights for the specific use of their SoundCloud account, you might be able to upload your show to the radio station’s account.

When you would like to use SoundCloud to upload and stream a radio show that includes copyright protected music, there are a number of rights that need to be cleared before uploading your tracks to SoundCloud.

The following rights will need to be cleared:

  • master recording rights for all the tracks that are used in your upload
  • publishing rights for all the tracks that are used in your upload

Please be aware that in some cases multiple rights holders are involved in copyright ownership.

If you are able to provide proof that you do have permission from the original rights holders to use their material in your radio show on SoundCloud, our Copyright Team is happy to manually review these permissions and reinstate the track onto your profile. Please sign into your account and fill out the disputes form here.


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