Reporting privacy violations

We believe that everyone has the right to privacy, no matter who they are. That’s why it is not ok to share personal details of another person (or entity), without their permission. This includes recordings of private conversations, photographs, unlisted phone numbers, and home or email addresses.

For content to be removed, you must be personally identifiable within the reported content, in addition to your voice being used. This means we must be able to link the recording and your personal identity (note that nicknames and aliases alone are not considered as personally identifiable information).

Reporting privacy violations

Please note; we can only accept reports from those directly involved in these cases. We may require you to provide photo identification to verify your identity.

If you would like to report privacy violations, please provide us with the following details through the contact button below this article:

  • The URL of the account you want to report
  • Links to the content to be reviewed e.g. track URLs (please provide the exact timestamp where your voice can be heard/where your name is mentioned)
  • A brief explanation of how the content violates your privacy e.g. is your full name used? Is any other confidential information shared?

Additionally, to help us moderate these cases, we will ask a series of questions to help us to verify your identity and determine your association with the content.

Still need help? File a ticket.

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