Signing out of your account

On Web

To sign out of your account, click the three dots in the top navigation header, then select ‘Sign out’. You will then be directed to a screen that confirms that you have signed out successfully.




On Android

To sign out of your account from the android app, go to your Profile page (by clicking on the library icon on the bottom right) and scroll to the bottom and click 'Sign Out'. You will then see a pop-up that states "Signing out removes all downloaded tracks". This is only for Go or Go+ users, which means that all your previously downloaded offline content will be removed. If you sign into the same account again you will need to manually select your albums or playlists for offline download, just like it was before.

                Screenshot_20210607_120404.jpg               Screenshot_20210607_120241.jpg




On iOS

To sign out of your account from the iOS app, tap the person outline on the bottom of the screen. Then tap the More Options button (...) on the top right of the screen and select 'Sign Out'. You will then be successfully signed out.


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